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Welcome to the home page of Bob Lam Solutions, a niche consulting services firm, focused on helping organizations be successful working with the US federal government primarily through improved business development and effective and efficient management of sales operations.

Bob Lam Solutions was founded by Bob Lam, a well known information technology industry executive with many years of directly relevant experience working in the private sector with close collaboration to the US federal government. Bob Lam, Principal, touts one of the best winning records working in the complex but highly rewarding federal government information technology arena. The firm brings to its clients comprehensive market knowledge, hard-earned lessons learned, program specific winning formulas for success, and the skills and knowledge to assist its clients in winning over their competitors. In short, the firm takes on business development and sales operations as a business seeking to maintain a high return on investment. The firm’s focus goes well beyond “process” and focuses on winning; beyond formatting to content; beyond sequencing to actions and outcomes; and beyond guessing to having a strong knowledge of what is required to work and win in the world of federal government acquisitions. It does not focus on the proposal capture process but it does provide a few recommendations.



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