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Business Development Optimization Program
“Been There, Done That”
For the first time ever there is an optimization program designed to enhance an organization’s federal business development function, both from a corporate perspective and that of the individual business development director.  Yes, for the first time.  There are many programs, courses and studies on the proposal development cycle, but no program on the overall function of business development, whether at the corporate level or for the individual business development director.  Look around.  Ask around.  Do a keyword internet search.  Yes, perhaps there are a few certification programs in the private sector but for sure no comprehensive program pertaining to business development for the US Federal Government, undeniably the largest buying entity in the world.
Many organizations seek to penetrate the US federal government market, undeniably the largest buying entity in the world.  Annual expenditures to contractors exceed $400 billion, $100 billion in the DC-metropolitan area alone.  This market is complex with its own set of rules, both written and unwritten.  Given the cost of pursuing an acquisition can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to many millions, it is very important to understand this market and its unique forces and attributes.  It is critical to be organized with the requisite processes, practices and procedures to interface internally from a business development perspective but most important with external stakeholders where the primary stakeholder is the US federal government.  And let’s not forget about the all-important deal.  One can win a program but lose, and lose big, during the execution of the award.  Understanding, constructing and presenting The Deal is something most firms only get partially right, a costly mistake.
The People Buy From People™ Business Development Optimization Program is a combined consultancy and training program presenting an expert view of business development in the U.S. federal market.  The program looks closely at an organization’s As-Is business development environment, makes changes and adjustments based on time-tested business development practices and techniques, resulting in the development of a To-Be business development environment for the entire corporation to follow.  Specific attention is paid to Leadership involvement in the business development function to include program expectations, coverage for out-year opportunities, strategic support sessions, executive interface with clients, etc. 

For both Leadership and Business Development Directors, the rollout of the new Business Development Environment is carefully planned, communicated and integrated into not just the business development function but the very culture of the organization itself.  As for the individual Business Development Director, the program provides numerous instructional business development topics with varying drill-downs.  The course shares lessons learned, and real life stories and experiences working with the US federal government, often in the form of vignettes.  In short, the course covers in a condensed manner much of what a senior business development executive learned in several decades “performing” business development in the federal market.  It goes well beyond “process” and focuses on winning; beyond formatting to content; beyond sequencing to actions and outcomes; and beyond guessing to having a strong knowledge of what is required to work in the world of federal government acquisitions.  It does not focus on the proposal capture process but it does provide a few recommendations.
The Return On Investment Is Significant
Given millions of dollars at stake in many acquisitions, imagine the increase in potential revenue if your win odds are increased just a few percentage points after engaging in this program.  And what better way to learn how mid to large integrators price programs utilizing transition and O&M staff early to reduce the high costs of implementation to BAFO scrubbing techniques to gaming the evaluation criteria.  And for your business development directors, the case based training scenarios offer, albeit drinking from a fire hose, lessons that can only otherwise be learned over 30 years of hard fought battles in the trenches.  Other benefits include:

  • Better understand the inner-workings of the US federal government to include the highly complex budget cycle and federal acquisition processes
  • Better manage the complex corporate business development function through the incorporation of proven business development leadership practices specifically tailored to the companies’ product/solution suite, corporate culture and current/desired positioning with the full complement of stakeholders. 
  • Build winning capture campaigns that have all the necessary steps as well as the subtleties that make the difference between winning and becoming the dreaded second best. 
  • Accelerate beyond attending breakfasts, lunches and industry-wide forums to building relationships resulting in improved understanding of customer needs and requirements
  • Enhance specialized and pertinent skills in developing relationships that will lead to lasting business ties and friendships.
  • Position among the competition for improved collaboration and business results
  • Better understand some of the top tier contractors and their motivators while predicting their opportunity actions
  • Maneuver more effectively in a changing federal landscape through increased knowledge and appreciation of federal government actions
  • Better understand solution selling versus simply selling products or services
  • Appreciate process when it is needed but know when to avoid it in the federal sales environment
  • Better understand, and perform in the full business development cycle from turning over the rocks and building a pipeline, to qualifying and shaping opportunities, to delivering knockout proposal punches versus body blows and staying involved with the win and growing from the delivery of good government
  • Have a better appreciation of when to stand down from a pursuit saving considerable time and dollars for other pursuits
  • Better understand government-speak as well as beltway acquisition banter
  • Better understand the customer -- our government clients, and how to put yourself in their shoes
  • Understand common contractor actions government customers simply hate
  • Examine "been there, done that" federal sales experience.

A Message From Bob Lam, the Developer of the People Buy From People™ Business Development Optimization Program…
Business development is about winning…there is no prize for second place, except in multi-vendor awards and even then the term winning is questionable.  Business development is a job for all employees in many mature companies.  Business development is one of the most important business functions within an organization.  It is a major function within an organization, often being the owner of the extended view of the corporate sales and revenue forecasts.  It extends beyond lead origination to qualification, pursuit, bid and a myriad of post award activities.  Business development is key to its many interfaces including research, competitive analysis, solution development, deal shaping, pricing, capture and sales.  In short, business development is front and center in a corporation, any corporation.  It is the key determinant of growth, and ultimately the success of an organization.
Pricing to be negotiated based on contracted level of services.
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