Bob Lam Solutions LLC - Navigating the Federal Highway
Bob Lam Solutions is a firm dedicated to providing highly appropriate consulting services to unite contractors and vendors with the US federal government in the pursuit of new and continued business in the areas of information technology, management consulting and outsourcing.  The firm specializes in business development, accompanied by extensive public sector business experience across a wide range of business functions.  Undeniably the largest buying entity in the world, the US federal government is complex with its own set of rules, both written and unwritten.  While the FAR and 5000 represent major tenants of federal government rules and compliance, there exist nuances within the myriad of contract vehicles, contract types and federally mandated disclosures, each having its own peculiar set of rules.  And while these follow federally sanctioned written processes and procedures, there are the unwritten yet recognized rules which seemingly dwarf those that are written.  All-in-all a very complex environment and one where the cost of a single misstep can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to many millions.  Thus, it is imperative that if you are to work with the US federal government, you must understand the market and its unique forces and attributes.  And that is where Bob Lam Solutions can help.  Bob Lam Solutions can help organizations work with the federal government Eyes Wide Open, helping to simplify the complexities of seemingly endless bureaucracies and bringing real world “been there, done that” experience to the complex world of federal acquisitions.
People Buy From People™ is the trademark of Bob Lam Solutions.  It is at the very core of the firm’s character.  It is a view, a philosophy, and a manner of working intertwined in how people best interact to accomplish business.  It is based on building a relationship for the long term, not a short-term “let me get your business” view.  It is all about trust.  And trust is paramount.  It is a principle that cannot be adjusted or manipulated or altered; it is about the good old fashion belief that you have the best interests of the folks you are working with at heart, and vice versa.  It is about two or more people working together to perform an activity better, faster, quicker and more appropriately.  And when working with the federal government it is about delivering good government.  And Delivering Good Government™ is the second trademark of Bob Lam Solutions.  You do not need Bob Lam Solutions if you intend to sell to the US federal government simply to gain revenue, earn overhead or shop bodies and FTEs.  But if you want to focus on delivering good government where the parties best interests are accounted for and there is a positive public sector return of investment, Bob Lam Solutions can help you achieve this very important goal.
If you believe Bob Lam Solutions can help you, please contact its principal at or at (O) (703) 201-2121.